In 2003, it was a small, local competition founded by Professor Nasir Memon. Today, CSAW is preparing the nation's brightest students to shape the future of the industry.

Competitions are developed by undergraduate and graduate students associated with the OSIRIS Lab and the Center for Cyber Security at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in collaboration with student teams from across the globe. These students represent some of the leading security programs and academic institutions worldwide. 

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CSAW North America Team

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Global Challenge Leads
Faculty Guides
Logistics & Support
  • Marc Budofsky | Web Systems Administrator
  • Marguerite Dabaie | Web & Social Media Coordinator
  • Stef Daley | Logistics Coordinator
  • Sarit Darom | Event Administration
  • Nick Gregory | Infrastructure &  Networking 
  • Emerald Knox | Project Manager
  • Amanda Morante | Graphic Designer

CSAW Europe Team

Grenoble INP - Esisar

Regional Challenge Leads

Coming soon

Faculty Guides

CSAW India Team

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Regional Challenge Leads
  • Mohamed Asan Basiri | Applied Research
  • Saurabh Kumar | Capture the Flag
  • Rohit Negi | Embedded Security Challenge
Faculty Guides
Logistics & Support
  • Nazia Irshad | Project Manager
  • Sanjiv Khosla | Coordinator

CSAW Israel Team

Ben-Gurion University, University of Haifa, & IBM Security Center of Excellence

Regional Challenge Leads

Coming Soon

Faculty Guides