The information below pertains to CSAW North America. For details regarding Law & Policy for CSAW India, visit that specific website here

The Law & Policy Competition challenges contestants to think about the big picture of cyber security law, policy, economics, and governance.

Students interested in the nexus of law, policy, and emerging technology issues are invited to participate. After a written qualifying round, the top qualifying teams will travel to New York to present their best legal arguments in front of a panel of renowned judges during Finals.

This year’s topic will address questions at the cutting edge of privacy, security, and technology, allowing students to research a highly relevant subject and argue their position on the topic in a legal brief.

Any student interested in these issues, with whatever academic background—law, policy, engineering, or other discipline—is encouraged to apply. 

Registration Opens April 2018

CSAW'18 Final Competition (on-site):
November 8 - 11, 2018 at all participating international locations


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Submission guide + FAQ for Law & Policy.

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The CSAW 2017 Law & Policy Prompt.

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